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Research Ethics Board Community Member

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The Durham College Research Ethics Board (REB) was established to oversee and conduct a review of research projects involving human participants, in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, (TCPS2 2018), and the related Durham College policy and procedure.

REB membership requirements are designed to ensure the board has the necessary basic background, expertise, perspectives and independence to conduct an informed independent reflection and a competent research ethics review.

The REB currently a vacancy for a community member effective September 1, 2020.

The TCPS2 2018 provides the following guidance on the community member:

The community member shall not be affiliated with the institution. The community member requirement (Article 6.4[d]) is essential to help broaden the perspective and value base of the REB, and thus advances dialogue with, and accountability to, relevant communities. In addition to a broad-based representation from the community, it is highly desirable that institutions seek to appoint former participants on REBs. Their experience as participants provides the REB with a vital perspective and an important contribution to the research ethics review process. It is advisable that members are not currently engaged in research or legal work as their principal activities.  It is advisable that members are not currently engaged in research or legal work as their principal activities. The role of community members on REBs during the ethics review process is unique and at arm’s length from the institution. Their primary role is to reflect the perspective of the participant. This is particularly important when participants are vulnerable and/or risks to participants are high.

Candidates interested in this volunteer position may submit a resumé along with a letter of application in confidence to Debbie McKee Demczyk, dean, Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship indicating your qualifications and expertise.

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Applications must be received by noon on Wednesday, August 5, 2020. 

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Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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