Thousands of jobs are posted every single day. In today’s world, it’s becoming more of a challenge to find the right candidates for your jobs. New job seekers are relying on job boards and social media to find their dream jobs. Private sector firms will continue to attract new talent and the Public sector will be drowned out.

We created the solution. Based out of Toronto, ON. Our office set out to create the largest government search engine in Canada. With over 100,000 government jobs posted, Govhire pulls in jobs from 12 industries across the public-sector and puts it in one place. Since inception, we’ve seen tens of thousands of people visit our website only interested in working for the Public Sector.

Our mission is to assist job seekers find a meaningful career in the public sector while providing government employers with the tools they need to attract, hire, and retain talented professionals.

With enhanced features like daily emails, advanced filtering, and custom job alerts, our job seekers will receive the public sector jobs they want, daily.

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